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Mountain Bike and Dolomites

If in winter the Dolomites are synonymous with long skiing and snowy peaks, in spring and in summer, the mountains offer the opportunity to take the bike and go between the peaks.
Mountain Bike School Dolomites Guide, founded in 1996, is far the first school that was founded in veneto but also at the national level that is born for this specific discipline.

For beginners but also for those who want to improve the driving techniques and learning all the basics needed to make beautiful rides in mountain in absolute safety.

Cycling in the Dolomites means you have 180 square kilometer of Cycle Lane and many Natural Monuments, that attract millions of visitors every year from all over the world.
The forests and the mountains that surround the villages and now offer a colorful and different in every season, at one time provided most of the products of the local economy and are still scattered signs of this pastoral agricultural activities.

Ride a mountain bike in these parts means pay attention, here are some useful tips

  • Slow down and use caution in the approach and surpass other hikers.
  • Check their speed and tackling the curves indicated that you can meet someone.
  • Stay on paths for non-gi cause damage to vegetation and curb soil erosion.
  • Do not scare animals.
  • Don’t leave trash, bring your own and if you can collect those left by others.
  • Respect the public and private properties including signboards.
  • Always be self-reliant, goal and duration will be determined in advance, taking into account personal skills, soil conditions, existing and expected meteorological conditions.
  • Never ride alone in remote areas, communicate the destination and travel itinerary.
  • Follow the hiking cycle philosophy aimed at the slightest impact.
  • Always wear a helmet, if trivial falls to avoid abrasions or bruises, in case of serious accidents there helmet saves lives.

Information and registration can be found on the official web site of the school